Beyonce Pays Sweet Tribute To Her And Jay-Z's Twins As They Turn 4!

Beyonce Pays Sweet Tribute To Her And Jay-Z's Twins As They Turn 4!
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The famous singer celebrated her twins' birthday and she couldn't have been more excited about it! After all, Beyonce 's kids are growing up so healthy and happy and that's all she truly cares about.

Seeing them become individuals with their own personalities and dreams fills the mom with positive vibes so, on Sir and Rumi Carter's birthday, Beyonce took to her go-to platform, to celebrate the special day and pay tribute to her beloved young ones.

As fans know, the twin siblings are now 4 years old, believe it or not! Time really does fly!

On her personal website, Queen Bey wrote a message that reads: 'What's better than 1 gift... 2. Happy birthday Rumi and Sir.'

The twins were born back in 2017, and Beyonce also shares an older child, daughter Blue Ivy, with her husband, Jay Z.

Speaking of the rapper, in a rare interview not too long ago, he opened up about raising three kids with his superstar wife and also talked about his parenting style.

More precisely, he told The Sunday Times, in the April interview, that as far as he is concerned, 'Feeling loved is the most important thing a child needs, you know? Not 'Here is this business that I am going to hand over to you and that I am creating for you.''

He went on to mention that his goal, as a parent, is to 'just make sure that we provide a loving environment, be really attentive to who they want to be... It is easy for us, as human beings, to just want our children to do certain things, but we really have no idea. We are just guides.'


Naturally, judging by how harmoniously their first child, Blue Ivy, has been growing up, it's safe to say that Beyonce and Jay Z's parenting is top tier!

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