Beyonce May Release A New Music Video Soon

Beyonce May Release A New Music Video Soon

More than a year has passed since Beyonce released her much-acclaimed visual album called Lemonade. She has apparently returned to the studio after the birth of her twin children, Rumi and Sir .

During a recent interview, the French director Michel Gondry casually revealed that he worked on a project with Beyonce and this project has to be released soon.

While speaking to the Canadian publication La Presse, Michel said, 'I have two projects: a rather personal film about my creative wanderings while shooting a movie, with rather extreme and illogical things, and a TV series for an American channel.'

He then stated that he recently worked on a 'clip for a Beyonce's song.'

Michel was well-known for making acclaimed music videos for stars such as Bjork, Daft Punk, and The White Stripes.

According to the director, Beyonce's video release was delayed because of her pregnancy.

'Unfortunately, it's not out yet because [she had] twins,' he confessed. 'But it's a finished clip [and it turned out] very, very well, I think.'

Beyonce has been known for being secretive about her project; it looks like some new music is coming sooner than we thought.

'Beyonce is already hard at work, having the twins inspired her,' an insider stated a while ago.

'She has been recording new material and is planning a surprise tour for her fans too. Expect an announcement soon. She is more determined than ever and feels inspired by having her babies recently.'

'Beyonce has hired nannies to help with the twins, and she has been writing and recording new material while she was also working hard to get back in shape,' the insider continued.

'There is no way she is going to step away for a few years to raise her kids that is not on her agenda at the moment.'

Beyonce was reportedly planning to make a surprise appearance during her husband Jay-Z's tour this fall.

Another insider explained, 'Beyonce has been working on new music, and she is planning to make some surprise appearances during Jay's tour. It's insane how much energy she has, especially considering how little sleep she has been getting!'

Beyonce was recently heartbroken because of the hurricane that hit Texas. She promised to do all in her power to help at least some of the families who were affected by the tragedy.

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