Beyonce Knowles Rumored To Be Getting Her Own Las Vegas Residency

Beyonce Knowles Rumored To Be Getting Her Own Las Vegas Residency
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After Celine Dion controversially began her first Las Vegas residency in the early 2000s at a time when her career was at a high point, many other stars began their very own residencies in Sin City. It turns out that Beyonce Knowles is another one.

Just Jared reported earlier today that Beyonce would be starting her own residency in the city, which would be her first, despite performing there many times throughout her long and illustrious career. Love B Scott reported earlier this week that Beyonce would likely become the highest-paid performer in the city.

Thus far, nobody in Beyonce's team has made the news official, however, sources claim the announcement will likely come out for real in 2020, sometime in the first half of the year. Previously, the singer recorded a live record there, I Am...Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas.

In other news, Beyonce's Knowles father, Matthew, recently opened up the vaults of the singer's back catalog with the group in which she became famous, Destiny's Child. At that time, the girl-group went by the name, Girls Tyme.

Reportedly, Destiny's Child old tracks came as part of a new record called, Destiny's Child: The Untold Story, released on several streaming platforms through the singer's label, Knowles' Music World Entertainment. Before becoming Destiny's Child, Beyonce performed alongside LaTavia Robertson, LeToya Luckett, and Kelly Rowland.

After their first two records, and the departure of two members, Michelle Williams, Kelly, and Beyonce, became the group known by many today. After a successful career, Beyonce left and went solo. Earlier this year, it was also revealed the singer was working on a brand new project related to Destiny's Child.

TMZ reported earlier in April that Beyonce would debut a new musical called, Survivor: The Destiny's Child , next year. The musical will explore their rise to the top, in an uninhibited and unfiltered way. At the time, Beyonce admitted she wanted to "pull back the curtain" on the group's rise to the top.

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