Beyonce & Her Charity BEY GOOD Visit Hurricane Ravaged Houston In A "Celebration Of Survival"

Beyonce & Her Charity BEY GOOD Visit Hurricane Ravaged Houston In A "Celebration Of Survival"

The destruction that has befallen Houston, Texas after Hurricane Harvey did insurmountable, horrific amounts of damage is truly heartbreaking. There have been over 70 fatalities, tens of thousands displaced and billions of dollars worth of property damages sustained by the catastrophic storm.

While many celebrities have been doing their part to donate to those in need, many questioned Beyonce's role as a native of Houston. Some thought her lack of publically coming out and donating a specific amount denoted a lack of caring. This couldn't have been further from the truth.

Despite so many celebrities disclosing exactly how much money they donated, Beyonce wanted to keep her donation amount under wraps. What her critics may not have known is that her own charity, named BEY GOOD, has been donating to various causes in Houston and around the world for quite some time.

This teaches us as a society that just because something isn't publicized, doesn't mean it didn't happen. On Friday, September 8th, Beyonce, her mom Tina, daughter Blue and Destiny's Child groupmate, Michelle, all joined various members of BEY GOOD to visit and feed victims.

So many were positively touched by Beyonce's presence and her encouraging words. At one point the superstar, dressed down in a denim ensemble, took the mic and started speaking to the roomful of survivors. She offered words of healing, hope, and survival.

Beyonce grew up in Houston as a little girl and attended that same church during her childhood. She was visibly moved by the presence and resilience of those who've recently been through so much and pledged her charity would be doing ongoing work in the community to help it rebuild.

While a definitive number has not been disclosed per the singer's request, many have guesstimated that her overall donation comes to upwards of $10 million. The Queen Bey is also set to head a relief telethon alongside the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, Jamie Foxx, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Matthew McConaughey. This will air September 12th.

Alongside JJ Watt's impressive fundraising of $20 million for flood victims, the telethon will undoubtedly help raise even more money so that the communities of Houston can get well on the way to recovery.

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