Beyonce Has Been Giving Us Good News Lately, And It's Not Just About Her Return To The Big Stage

Beyonce Has Been Giving Us Good News Lately, And It's Not Just About Her Return To The Big Stage
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The singer has a TikTok account and is already trending. Yesterday, the star posted her first video on the platform, but the audience is already going crazy over it.

The one-minute video featured a selection of several fan posts at once, including one featuring Cardi B, who couldn't sit still and danced to Beyoncé's viral summer single, Break, My Soul.

The track itself has already generated a buzz on social media since its release last month. Of course, those who were lucky enough to be in the debut publication could hardly hide their enthusiastic emotions.

"Imagine waking up and learning that you have appeared on the official Beyoncé page," commented one of the tiktokers.

It's only been a few hours since the video's release, but the Grammy winner has amassed more than 3.4 million followers.

For her profile picture, she chose the cover of her forthcoming Renaissance album, which depicts the star riding a holographic horse wearing a crystal-encrusted metal harness.

In addition to delighting us with her presence on the video hosting, Beyoncé also uploaded her musical repertoire there so that users could add tracks to the video.

With firm certainty, we can say that a completely new era has come!

In a previous post, Pop star Beyonce finally shared the official cover art for his long-awaited seventh studio album, Renaissance, which is set to be released on July 29.

Of course, after six years of silence, you need to "get on the air" again, and this beauty definitely knows what to do. For the new record's lead image, she saddles a holographic horse and dresses in bionic jewelry that doesn't hide a single curve of her figure.

Beyoncé completed her '70s look with long, wavy locks, bright lipstick, and bold eye makeup. T

he album cover was released after Bea shared her first single from the release last week, a track titled Break My Soul featuring New Orleans rapper Big Freedia.






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