Beyonce Drops 'Mi Gente' And Sings In Spanish To Support Puerto Rico Relief

Beyonce Drops 'Mi Gente' And Sings In Spanish To Support Puerto Rico Relief
Credit: Source: Beyonce/Instagram

Beyonce dropped new music on Friday, September 29, 2017, and it's all to support relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Still reeling from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria, resources and aid simply aren't reaching Puerto Ricans quickly enough. Political red tape has been the source of many delays and when supplies are available, logistics and things such as getting the manpower to distribute aid in a safe and orderly fashion just isn't' happening. Many celebrities are coming to the aid of their fellow citizens in Puerto Rico, including Beyonce.

Beyonce sang in Spanish on a remix of J. Balvin's and Willy William's song "Mi Gente" and shared a clip of the track on her official Instagram account. J. Balvin shared the song on his YouTube. You can see the video and the preview clip below.

The official video quickly trended and by Saturday morning became the number one video on YouTube.

Beyonce announced via Instagram that 100 percent of the proceeds from "Mi Gente" will be donated to Puerto Rico relief. As the video quickly trended and Bey's fans are thrilled not only to hear the Queen release new music but also sing in Spanish, it's expected that funds raised from the single will be good.

The funds will also go to help relief efforts in Texas, Mexico, and other Carribean islands impacted by Hurricane Irma and Maria.

Fans are praising Beyonce's charitable efforts and as help for those affected by Hurricane Maria and the other current storms has been difficult to obtain, every bit helps. Beyonce's example has caused more citizens to donate to hurricane relief efforts as well.

Beyonce has been upfront and center in supporting those who have been impacted by natural disasters. With roots in Texas, Beyonce was one of the first celebrities to begin raising funds and creating awareness in regards to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the massive flooding Texas has dealt with.

Beyonce's humanitarian efforts have not gone unnoticed and many people across social media networks have praised her for using her platform to reach out and help others.

What do you think of "Mi Gente" and Beyonce's commitment to helping those impacted by natural disasters in Mexico, Texas, Florida, the Caribbean and specifically Puerto Rico?


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