Beyoncé Asked For The Austin Powers Poster To Be Changed Because It Made Her Appear 'Too Thin'

Beyoncé Asked For The Austin Powers Poster To Be Changed Because It Made Her Appear 'Too Thin'
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Fans of Beyoncé are well aware that their idol possesses both a wonderful acting ability as well as an incredible voice.

Of course, movies starring celebrities have never been nominated for significant honors, but her heroines have always captured the public's interest. In the movie "Austin Powers: Goldmember," Foxy Cleopatra's part has emerged as one of the most outstanding.

In the movie, Beyoncé's heroine had an amazing body throughout in an incredibly short mini, but in real life, the star's shape was a little more refined. This was covered in a Vulture interview with Kate Bisco.

Beyonce ordered that her figure be increased using software because, according to the makeup artist, she could not recognize herself on the screen. "She remarked, 'You made me too skinny,' to the director. I can't do it.

Then he responded, "OK, let's fix it," Kate remembered. I asked him with a smirk, "Is this the first time an actress has asked for a bigger body?" as she left to film a scene.

He answered, "Yes. I'll do it even if it will cost me thousands of dollars, "added she. Given that the diva was not completely positioned atop her throne in 2002, the revelation is a little unexpected.

Despite being a celebrity from her time with Destiny's Child, the event took place before Crazy in Love (the track and her first solo album debuted the following year).

The singer only has one film credit to her name—the MTV TV movie Carmen: A Hip-Hopera from 2001—which, regrettably, never made it into the canon of classic movies.

In other respects, given that she was a big-screen newcomer and her full powers hadn't yet been realized, her assertiveness deserved respect.


While it is unknown if the Beyoncé-banned promo had been edited, it has sadly become a popular and contentious practice to heavily Photoshop or make women appear thinner.

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