Beyonce And Jay-Z's Daughter Blue Ivy Could Win A Grammy After ‘Hair Love’ Audiobook Gig!

Beyonce And Jay-Z's Daughter Blue Ivy Could Win A Grammy After ‘Hair Love’ Audiobook Gig!
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It sounds like Blue Ivy might be following in her mother and father’s footsteps way earlier than people may think! More precisely, it is believed that she could earn a Grammy nomination in the Best Spoken Word category after making her audiobook debut with ‘Hair Love.’

That’s right! The 8 year old child is the narrator for the inspirational and empowering book and her efforts and talent might bring her, her very own Grammy already!

Matthew A. Cherry‘s Oscar-winning animated short film Hair Love is getting an audiobook adaptation and Blue Ivy Carter is lending her voice for the project, much to the excitement of her fans and her famous parents as well, of course!

Earlier today, Matthew took to his Twitter account to share a short preview and in it, Blue’s voice could be heard narrating the audiobook’s introduction.

‘Dreamscape presents Hair Love, by Matthew A. Cherry, narrated by Blue Ivy Carter,’ Blue says in the short teaser that only lasts for a few seconds.

Regardless, this got a lot of people super excited to hear the little girl read the audiobook in its entirety.

Upon release, the children’s audiobook is set to last for a total of four minute, all narrated by Blue Ivy herself!

Furthermore, as mentioned before, this gig also means that Beyonce and Jay Z’s eldest child will be eligible for a Grammy nomination for Best Spoken Word performance.


Matthew previously opened up about the significance of the short film and the audiobook, telling HollywoodLife that ‘Hair Love really [was] inspired by a lot of these viral videos of Black fathers that were doing their daughters’ hair. I thought it was a good opportunity to showcase the Black family in animation. I think that the beautiful thing is that we are never going to truly know the true impact for probably five or ten years, or so. But people come up to us all the time, different parents [saying] they wish that they would have had something like this when they were kids.’

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