Beyonce And Jay-Z Will Not Use Their Influence To Turn Daughter Blue Ivy Carter Into A Star

Beyonce And Jay-Z  Will Not Use Their Influence To Turn Daughter Blue Ivy Carter Into A Star
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Beyonce and Jay-Z appear to be quite proud of their daughter, Blue Ivy, and have been trying hard to promote her in public and convince people of her amazing skills.

And it looks like things have been working out for the two of them so far, as many people have started to pay attention to the little girl, especially after the release of the latest Beyonce album.

Many of the singer’s fans seem excited about the prospect of young Blue Ivy inheriting her mother’s legacy, and that could definitely happen, judging by the current situation.

The girl does seem to have a magnificent voice, and she is also clearly talented for the stage.

She recently showed off her dancing skills and had many floored with her epic moves.

Hopefully, she will manage to do something good with that potential, as after all, it is up to her, in the end, to actually realize it and put it to good use.

However, from what the world has seen so far, that should not be a problem, especially with the help of both dedicated parents.

It also looks like Beyonce and Jay-Z have been trying to avoid abusing their authority in the entertainment world for the benefit of their daughter.

A source told Radar Online : “Blue has seen every one of her mother’s shows and performances, and she’s has been taking vocal lessons from her mother since before she could talk!”

The person added: “Of course, Beyonce is supportive of Blue Ivy’s career goal, which is to be just like her mom. They know that Blue Ivy has a beautiful voice and, coupled with actual talent, there is no stopping Blue.”

There have been reports that they have been trying hard to ensure that she is on the same level as everyone else in this regard, which is commendable.

They are certainly somewhat unique in this regard, as there is no shortage of examples of influential parents doing the exact opposite. Hopefully, it will all be for a good cause in the end.

One person told Queen Bey: “I really have no word. You continue to raise the bar for all of us. And you do so sooo flawlessly. I’m a proud stan.”

Another stated: “The lyrical artists involved? Yes, I want an interview with all of them on genius explaining this song. It’s worship. It’s an apology. It’s a letter to Blue. Whew, girl, it’s a whole book in the Bible.”

Blue Ivy has a lot of people rooting for her.

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  • paul
    paul Jul 22, 2019 3:33 PM PDT

    Beautiful family. God bless.

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