Beyonce And Jay Z Started Adoption Process Before Miracle Twin Pregnancy - Report

Beyonce And Jay Z Started Adoption Process Before Miracle Twin Pregnancy - Report

Beyonce and Jay Z were planning to adopt when the miracle of life occurred via in vitro fertilization (IVF). That is the newest rumor about the power couple that has surfaced on the Internet.

In early February, Beyonce broke the Internet and set a record on Instagram with over 10 million likes for the stunning picture she used to announce that she was expecting with husband, Jay Z.

The international superstar revealed that she was pregnant with twins and many sources have confirmed that her due date is early summer and she is carrying a boy and a girl.

For several months, before the baby news, rumors were swirling around claiming that the Texan star was having a tough time conceiving and had turned to fertility experts for help.

It was even said that she had seen the medical expert who helped Mariah Carey have her twins.

Earlier today, a source close to the Carters, spoke to Radar and said that due to the fact they were having a tough time giving Blue a sibling they started doing research on how to adopt.

The pair was looking at children in orphanages all over the world and like Angelina Jolie and Madonna, they wanted to become parents to a child in need of love and support.

A family insider told Radar: “They had finalized papers to adopt a child and were on the hunt for an orphan to take home when the IVF worked.It was incredible timing.”

The spy said Beyonce's sister, Solange, was the one who encouraged the duo to look into adoption.

The person claimed: “Solange actually predicted this would happen — that they’d stop worrying about their fertility issues when they started the adoption process. Thankfully they’d not yet started visiting orphanages so they hadn’t bonded with any kids yet.”

The pair has hit pause on the process for now, according to the same tipster who added: “Having twins on the way has totally put adoption on the back-burner.”

Many people took to social media to say Jay Z and Beyonce have a net worth of $1 billion and can, therefore, adopt and provide for a child who is suffering.

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