Beyonce And Jay Z Involved In A Money-Laundering Scandal?

Beyonce And Jay Z Involved In A Money-Laundering Scandal?

Beyonce and Jay Z set sail on the luxurious yacht Galactica Star but they never expected to get involved in a sticky situation because of it.

After the Nigerian energy mogul, Kola Aluko rented out the yacht to the couple he was accused of multiple crimes! He is now under investigation for laundering money in Europe and Nigeria.

According to reports, the man is also $25,000 past due on the property tax bill for his $51 million penthouse that he purchased in New York back in 2014.

Furthermore, it looks like one Nigerian court has tried to freeze his assets but they were not able to actually give him the papers as they couldn’t find him.

Speculations say that Aluko may be hiding on the luxurious yacht spotted in Cancun last year. Today, the Galactica Star may be in Turkey.

The singer and her rapper husband, as well as their daughter Blue Ivy were reportedly sailing along the Mediterranean Sea in 2015 on the same yacht. They visited Cannes, Sardinia, Capri and other places.

Sources say that just renting the boat cost the famous pair about $900,000 per week!

In fact, renting the yacht is so exclusive that those interested had to be on a first name basis with Aluko.

The hugely expensive boat has six bedrooms, a helicopter deck, an outdoor Jacuzzi and a 65-foot sundeck.

Nowadays, Beyonce and Jay Z have taken a break from the wild life as they wait for their twins to be born.

Did you know that the celebrity couple was so close to Aluko?

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