Beyonce And Jay-Z Enjoy Lavish Vacation -- Photos Confirm That Chelsea Clinton's Husband Was Right All Along

Beyonce And Jay-Z Enjoy Lavish Vacation -- Photos Confirm That Chelsea Clinton's Husband Was Right All Along
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Beyonce and Jay-Z have been exemplary parents in the celebrity world, and many seem to be looking up to them in this regard, praising them for their efforts and continue sharing the various stories that followers get about their parenting style.

And yet, even the best parents in the world need the occasional break from the chaos of raising their children, and these two seem to know that better than anyone.

Recent reports indicate that Beyonce and Jay-Z have decided to take a vacation on a luxurious yacht together, and they have left the kids at home so they could relax and enjoy some private time.

And as can be expected, it did not take long for many pictures of the couple to start flooding social media, as their fans were quick to spot the two on their outing.

Both looked very stylish in their choice of clothing, and Beyonce had put a lot of effort into matching the attire of her partner.

Still, there is no indication that they are planning to slow down their efforts as parents anytime soon.

The two have been putting a lot of work into that, and the results are already showing.

And while they still have a lot of work ahead of them, the important thing is that they are at least paying attention to this properly.

They are certainly doing a better job than a vast majority of celebrities around them right now.

Chelsea Clinton recently made headlines while talking about Jay-Z’s reaction to Beyoncé’s post-pregnancy weight loss.

Clinton explained that she watched Beyoncé’s much talked about Netflix documentary, Homecoming , with her husband, Marc Mezvinksy, and di not appreciate the way Jay responded when Beyoncé was FaceTiming him and explaining to him that she was finally able to get into a costume after giving birth to twins.

Clinton said: “I said, ‘Marc, if that’s ever me, you better have more enthusiasm. It wasn’t the ‘I’m so proud of you. That’s amazing’ that I arguably think any woman deserves, particularly someone who has worked herself body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit to get to that place.”

Clinton added that her husband was a bit fed up with her reaction: "Marc was like, ‘Duly noted. I was like, ‘I bet every woman watching this has this sense of she deserves more enthusiasm. Marc was like, ‘I got it. Can we go back to watching it, please? We’ve talked about it three times in the last 90 seconds.’”

The power couple always has people talking.

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