Beyonce And Chris Brown Fans Argue Over Who's A Better Performer!

Beyonce And Chris Brown Fans Argue Over Who's A Better Performer!
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Is Beyonce the superior performer or is it actually Chris Brown? Fans of the two have been battling it out on social media, with his stans claiming he’s definitely the best and hers arguing that they must be ‘out of their minds’ to think that!

It all started when Bey dropped her new Netflix documentary, titled Homecoming a couple of days ago.

This caused people to just fall for her impressive Coachella performance from last year all over again!

After all, the project was all about the work that went into planning the so-dubbed Beychella that was meant to honor the historically black college and university (HBCU) experience.

Social media was blown away and the praise was fast to come!

But despite this, some started arguing that while Beyonce was good enough, she couldn’t hold a candle to Chris Brown when it comes to live performing!

One user tweeted a clip of Chris doing a flip and wrote: ‘Until the day Beyonce does this on stage never in your life compare her to Breezy.’

Whether it was trolling or if someone really thought the backflip made Brown the better performer, this sparked a huge war between the fandoms.

More Chris fans argued that he was a ‘naturally talented dancer that can freestyle his a** off on the spot,’ and that Bey is ‘a choreographed dancer.’

Beyonce’s fans shot back with comments like: ‘Y’all need to be arrested. Y’all saying Chris Brown is a better performer than Beyoncé because he does a front flip like that’s y’all only argument.’

‘Chris Brown stans think one front flip is what puts him ahead of Beyoncé as a performer lmaoooo,’ someone else tweeted.

The arguments continued to pour from both sides, with Beyonce’s fans seriously offended by the comparison.

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