Beverly Hills 90210 Gets Premiere Date And Releases First Teaser- Watch It Here

Beverly Hills 90210 Gets Premiere Date And Releases First Teaser- Watch It Here
Credit: YouTube

The Beverly Hills 90210 reboot, or appropriately titled BH90210 , has been given a premiere date, as well as a first look teaser that will have fans drooling.

Almost 20 years after fans said goodbye to the gang of Beverly Hills 90210 , the original cast members have come together for a new project involving the characters they played back in the day. This summer, August 7th to be exact, Gabrielle Carteris, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, Brian Austin Green, Jason Priestley, Tori Spelling, and Ian Ziering will step back onto the small screen but don't call it a revival.

The new show may have a familiar title and familiar faces but has a different concept than the original. All of the stars will play heightened versions of themselves, as they fight to get a reboot of the hit show back on the air. Some scenarios are scripted, and some are based on real life. As Garth previously said, "it is an inside look into the lives of those who played the iconic characters for years, as well as them reuniting after so long."

Today fans got to see a teaser consisting of the group happily back together preparing for their first table read. The entire crew is laughing, joking around and having the best time as they give fans the nostalgia they have dreaming of since the new show was announced in March.

Seeing the group come together is bittersweet. Luke Perry's absent is hugely noticeable. While the teaser is full of smiles, it is hard not to be reminded off the hole Perry's recent death has left in the gang that was such a vital part of the show's success. The cast hid their sadness well in the video, but it has to have been difficult for them as well.

Despite the loss of Perry, the cast appears to be thrilled to be working on the new project. Each has shared the teaser on social media and revealed production officially begins next week. The six-part limited event has been hyped since its announcement. Now the teaser is leaving fans with all the good feels the Fox show did back in the '90s.

Green, Doherty, Spelling, Priestly, Garth, Ziering and Carteris have made the day of many fans by merely giving them a glimpse of what is to come. The summer can't come soon enough!


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