Beverley Mitchell Is Pregnant And Eating Foods She Hasn't Touched In Years!

Beverley Mitchell Is Pregnant And Eating Foods She Hasn't Touched In Years!
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Beverley Mitchell is pregnant and she's eating foods that she hasn't touched in years. Best known for playing Lucy Camden on 7th Heaven, Beverly is all grown up and has children of her own! The 39-year-old is married to Micahel Cameron and together they have two children: Kenzie  (7) and Hutton (5).  With a baby on the way, their family is growing and Beverley shares plenty of photos from her pregnancy journey on her social media pages. Beverley recently spoke to Life & Style magazine for their upcoming July 13, 2020, issue and weighed in on her pregnancy diet, and more specifically, her food cravings.

Beverley stated the following.

"I've been eating eggs and dairy and gluten — things that I have not eaten in years! I can't get enough."

Though Beverley's diet may have changed to allow for the baby and pregnancy-related cravings she hasn't gained much weight in her arms, legs, or face. Beverley has shared multiple photos with her followers and it is clear she has the pregnancy glow.

You may see a full-length photo of Beverely as she showed off her growing baby bump below.

Beverley has plenty of sponsored photos and videos on her Instagram including this one where she touts Just Crack an Egg. You may see her eating the breakfast food below. Beverley stated that she has been eating eggs during her pregnancy and she wasn't kidding. Now she's an egg partner!

#JustCrackanEggPartner These mornings are busier than ever, as parents we are wearing more hats than ever before! I get so caught up in schooling and getting the day started that sometimes I forget to eat because honestly I just don’t have the time. But now that I've found @JustCrackanEgg, I don’t have to worry! I get a delicious scramble in less than 2 minutes and all I need is an egg - making mornings a little easier these days. #TakeBreakfastBack

Beverley shared a photo with former 7th Heaven cast member Barry Watson in honor of his birthday. Check out the slideshow for some throwback photos of the cast.

What do you think about Beverley Mithcell's comment regarding the foods that she's eating?

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