Bethenny Frankel Was Planning To Dump Dennis Shields - Admits She Feels ‘Guilty’ For His Death

Bethenny Frankel Was Planning To Dump Dennis Shields - Admits She Feels ‘Guilty’ For His Death
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During a RHONY episode, Bethenny Frankel admitted that she was planning on dumping Dennis Shields the week of his passing! That never ended up happening since her ex lost his life before she could break up with him, but that doesn’t mean she feels any less guilty about it.

It’s been more than seven months since Dennis Shields passed away but it sounds like Bethenny is still struggling with the loss, as well as feeling responsible for it.

Frankel explained that ‘He had such a powerful force in my life and [was] such a loving person and my daughter loved him that it was this whole thing that was hard to extricate myself from. But I had just said that week, the Saturday before ‘I have to exit this dynamic.’’

She went on to tell her therapist: ‘So then it was on my mind about him dying right after a lot. I couldn't get off the ride and I feel guilty the only way I got off the ride is that he is dead.’

Struggling to fight the tears, Bethenny recalled that ‘Dennis told me, [if] we did not work out, he was never going to be in another relationship again. He was going to be alone for the rest of his life. It was tremendous pressure and it kept me in. I do not know what happened that night and I will always have to live with that.’

The reality TV star expressed that the therapy session had helped her a lot but because she was feeling better, she also felt guilty about it.

Bethenny argued however that she knows her late ex would want her to feel better after all, so she is determined to respect his wishes.


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