Bethenny Frankel Talks Finding ‘Balance’ In Her Life Because Of Her Daughter

Bethenny Frankel Talks Finding ‘Balance’ In Her Life Because Of Her Daughter
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Becoming daughter Bryn’s mother has changed Bethenny Frankel’s life for the better! That being said, despite still fighting her ex, Jason Hoppy over the 8 year old child’s custody, Bryn has still managed to bring the reality TV star nothing but harmony.

While in attendance at the Variety Power of Women luncheon, today, Frankel shared with HollywoodLife that the kid helps her have balance regardless of her very busy career.

‘I balance it all because I am a homebody, and, most of the time I am home with my daughter. My daughter [fathered by former husband Jason Hoppy] gives me balance, because when I am with her, I do not have a nanny, and I am at pick up and drop off every day. I will be in pajamas, but I'm at pick up and drop off,’ she shared with the news outlet.

She went on to explain that ‘When we are together, we are totally together. We spend quality time together. If I work, which is rare, I go to HSN and spend an hour selling then 3 days with [Bryn] wakeboarding and having fun. That is my place of yes. That balance. I do not have a big social life. I do not really go out. My life is with her, and then, the rest is work.’

So it sounds like when she is with her daughter, Bethenny manages to just focus all of her attention on her and get away from all of her other responsibilities and worries.

As a result, the proud mother says she has a pretty balanced life and career.

Besides, she never tries to take more than she can carry, so life is good!

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