Bethenny Frankel Suggests She Might Come Back To RHONY And Fans Are Dying To Know More!

Bethenny Frankel Suggests She Might Come Back To RHONY And Fans Are Dying To Know More!
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Bethenny Frankel suggested that she will one day come back to the show that made her famous, the Real Housewives of New York and now, fans are freaking out and have one main question – Is it soon?

People on social media want answers after the reality TV star teased a possible return to the series.

Obviously, they are more hopeful than ever that they will see Bethenny again on their small screens as part of their favorite show so they can’t help but ask questions.

It all started with a fan tweeting: ‘@Bethenny still in total denial that you aren’t returning to #RHONY. You ARE that show.’

The star wanted to let people know that while she’s off RHONY, her reality TV career is not over.

In response to the fan, Bethenny wrote: ‘You’re too kind. I will be gracing your 📺 soon.’

While she did not mention what show she would be part of, the TV emoji caused people to get very excited.

Here are some of the reactions she got from her followers: ‘Soon, I hope!’ / ‘If you not on the show ain’t no point of watching.’ / ‘Cannot imagine this show without Bethenny. I stopped watching last time she left and came back when she did. So whenever The B bounces, I follow!’

There were also fans who wondered if she was actually joining another branch of the Real Housewives series or not.

‘I sure hope so! That would be so awesome if you went to another RHW,’ someone expressed their hope in a tweet.

Bethenny has never mentioned she would be back on RHONY or joining any other RHW however, but she has teased that she’s working on a new TV project so her supporters can look forward to that!


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