Bethenny Frankel Says She's ‘Calmer’ After Leaving RHONY And Regrets Nothing!

Bethenny Frankel Says She's ‘Calmer’ After Leaving RHONY And Regrets Nothing!
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Bethenny Frankel is no longer a part of the Real Housewives of New York cast but instead of being negatively affected by it, it turns out that the star feels so much better than ever, especially emotionally and mentally! That being said, after being away from the franchise for a little bit, she is now a hundred percent certain that she has made the right decision to leave.

In fact, her life is so much ‘healthier and balanced’ than it used to be when she used to appear on the reality TV series.

As you remember, she shared the news of her exit back in August, telling the RHONY audience that she would not be back for season 12.

That was a shocking piece of information since she was one of the OGs, helping the show launch back in 2008!

Now, during a new interview, Bethenny tells HollywoodLife that ‘So, there is a lot of stuff going on with the business end, but I am more organized, calmer, more balanced, and able just to focus on my entire business than I was when I was doing the Housewives, because it is a pretty taxing process. [Being a Housewife, is] a more stressful, unnecessarily stressful, and less healthy of a lifestyle.’

She went on to share that ‘I am confident that I made the right choices because I feel a lot healthier, calmer, I have more balance in my life, and I have more quality time with people around me. It is just not a frantic frenzy. It is not the healthiest of experiences for many people, so this is a healthier lifestyle [now].’

Asked if she will tune in to the show in the new season, Bethenny revealed that, despite all the drama and the fact that she does not know the new lady replacing her, she will make sure to watch it!


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