Bethenny Frankel - Here's Why She Didn’t Tell Her RHONY Co-Stars About Exiting The Show

Bethenny Frankel - Here's Why She Didn’t Tell Her RHONY Co-Stars About Exiting The Show
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Bethenny Frankel shocked everyone when she announced her departure from the Real Housewives of New York and that includes her now-former co-stars. One insider report reveals why she chose not to give them a heads up about her decision to leave the show before making it public.

Apparently, the celeb had no negative intentions.

Bethenny kept everyone out of the loop because she simply wanted to leave on her own terms, one source tells HollywoodLife.

‘She didn’t inform her cast-mates as she’s been contemplating her exit, and then acted immediately when she made her final decision. She wanted her departure to be revealed in her own words. It was a business decision and action, and she makes those choices on her own,’ they explained to the news outlet.

The highest paid Housewife on the franchise ever, did however tell Andy Cohen about her intentions to finally move on from RHONY.

‘She had been very clear with Andy and some of her castmates that she was thinking about it, and even offered them some advice to guide them when they were upset about her decision,’ the insider dished.

They also noted that those close to Bethenny were aware there was a possibility she’d leave in the near future.

The source went on to mention a few people who were in the know, even though they did not know all the details of her exit either, such as when she'd leave.

‘Bethenny and Dorinda have developed a real relationship, and Bethenny has a real soft spot for Sonja and loves giving her advice and guidance. Tinsley has been very kind, and while they are not close friends, it is a nice sweet relationship. Bethenny knew and knows that she had a great run on the show. She was a girl when she started out and decided to leave as a woman.’


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