Bethenny Frankel Goes Off On The Idea Of Designer Face Masks During Global Pandemic

Bethenny Frankel Goes Off On The Idea Of Designer Face Masks During Global Pandemic
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Former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel is not happy about a new trend that has become popular with some people amid the COVID-19 pandemic: designer face masks. When the Skinnygirl founder discovered that people were showing off their luxury protective gear on social media, Frankel went off with a passionate message on Twitter.

“Anyone wearing a high fashion logo embossed face mask, makes me sick. I think I’m dreaming this & that it’s not true…say it isn’t so…please,” wrote Frankel. In a second tweet she added, “Please say it isn’t real. I heard that @LouisVuitton & @Fendi have made them also. Tell me this is not true. Maybe I’m late…I’ve been in the bubble.”

The responses came quick, with some of Frankel’s fans agreeing that the practice was horrible. One fan wrote that one of her Facebook friends changed their profile picture to her wearing a Louis Vuitton mask and she was "beside" herself about it.

However, some fans didn’t appear to mind, with one writing that they could be “cheap knockoffs,” while another added that they could be “overpriced status symbols” but they would encourage it because people need to wear masks for public safety.

According to Us Weekly , Frankel’s tweets brought up an interesting question about a global pandemic being the right time to brag about wealth. While it doesn’t appear that high-end designers are promoting luxury face masks or other protective equipment during the COVID-19 lockdown, some fashion houses have sold masks as a fashion accessory. Some fans might remember that Billie Eilish wore a Gucci mask to the 2020 Grammy Awards in January.

As for Frankel’s post about Louis Vuttion and Fendi, their parent company LVMH is making free personal protective equipment for medical workers and first responders. However, it doesn’t appear that they are promoting designer masks on their websites.

LVMH has pledged to donate 40 million surgical masks to France, and they also revamped some of their facilities that were making luxury perfumes so they could produce hand sanitizer.

Bethanny Frankel and her BStrong Foundation have been working tirelessly in NYC to help those on the frontlines. In March, the foundation produced and donated one million face masks, and Frankel recently revealed that she has distributed more than $17 million in aid to over 200 medical facilities and police and fire departments in the COVID-19 hotspot.

However, her work isn’t done.

“BSTRONG will now prioritize the states affected by the catastrophic deadly tornadoes,” Frankel wrote on Instagram. “We are loading trucks of aid, protective equipment and sanitizing #coronakits to help those hammered by the tragic events of this horrible time.”

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