Bethenny Frankel Finally Explains Why She Decided To Leave RHONY!

Bethenny Frankel Finally Explains Why She Decided To Leave RHONY!
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When Bethenny Frankel decided to leave RHONY, the show that made her famous and on which she was for no less than eleven seasons, it’s safe to say that everyone was shocked, including the fans and her co-stars! But apparently, she has a lot of other projects to keep her busy.

Frankel shocked her fans when she announced her decision to no longer return to the Real Housewives of New York even though she was an OG member.

Now, she is finally explaining in more depth why she thought it was the right thing to do.

One thing people have to understand before anything else is that ‘It wasn’t about money. If I went back, it would have been about money, if that makes any sense.’

It does! After all, reports say that she was the highest paid Housewife ever, regardless of Real Housewives branch!

This is what the reality TV star stressed while in attendance at the Yahoo! Finance’s All Markets Summit.

That being said, leaving was all about business and also, what felt right at this stage in the celeb’s life.

‘When I joined The Housewives, everyone told me not to do it and I went with my gut to do it. And when I thought about leaving, everybody told me not to leave. And I went with my gut. Leaving the Housewives was because I just didn’t want to be at the party where my eyelashes were falling off at 2 in the morning, not literally on the show, although that would happen also, but the metaphorical eyelash-hanging-off party,’ she dished.

She went on to mention that, when she reaches the ‘peak’ with something in her life, she likes to move on from it, so she thought it was time!


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