Bethenny Frankel Describes In Court How Jason Hoppy ‘Tortured’ Her And Breaks Down Sobbing

Bethenny Frankel Describes In Court How Jason Hoppy ‘Tortured’ Her And Breaks Down Sobbing
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The battle with her former husband Jason Hoppy over the custody of daughter Bryn continues and it seems like it’s only getting more dramatic! Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel was in attendance at a trial that deals with the custody of her and Jason’s 8-year-old daughter earlier today.

Daily Mail reports that she tearfully told the judge her ex ‘did everything he possibly could to torture me. I was helpless and had no way out. I knew that what he was doing was illegal. I knew that I was being abused.’

Allegedly, Jason refused to leave the house she had bought after their split!

But that is not all! The reality TV star claimed that the man would vengefully keep rotting food in the fridge, let dishes pile up in the sink, would not flush the toilets, would sing, whistle and slam the doors all the time.

No matter how much she 'begged, pleaded, asked Jason to please leave. He refused.’

After that living situation ended, things only got worse, however.

Frankel explained that he would call Bryn twice a day, as specified in their initial custody agreement, and use that opportunity to turn the child against her mother.

In court, the woman played no less than nine such calls in which Jason would tell the daughter things like: ‘I don’t know why mommy won’t let me talk with you. You’ll be with daddy soon.'

When Bryn was with her dad, Frankel would barely be able to see or even hear from her.

Furthermore, his verbal abuse continued: ‘If I would be giving [Bryn] a big hug, he’d say I was desperate and pathetic. He’d say I looked ugly and old. He’d laugh and whistle.’

After the court date, one source shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Bethenny feels vindicated after leaving court. She was crying in the courtroom earlier because it was a very emotional morning re-living and explaining what's happened to her.’


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