Beth Chapman's Daughter Claps Back At Haters Who 'Degraded' Her Mom After Her Tragic Passing

Beth Chapman's Daughter Claps Back At Haters Who 'Degraded' Her Mom After Her Tragic Passing
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After the tragic death of her mother, Beth Chapman, her youngest daughter, Bonnie, took to social media to call out all of the trolls who have been disrespecting her memory. It all started with Bonnie posting a touching tribute to the late reality TV star and while most responses to it were from people offering their condolences, there were also a few who were rather unkind.

‘Love you forever mom. You've got a halo now. I'll never forget you. You were a very strong woman, and you also taught me to always be strong. You were strong for everybody, and you taught me that it is okay to let go,’ the mourning daughter tweeted.

Seeing the negative comments, Bonnie could not help but fired back.

She wrote: ‘For those talking s**t about my mother after her death, shame on you. My mother was a person and does not deserve to be degraded because of ANY of her or my father's past. My mother fought for women's rights and was the kindest woman.’

The young woman also noted that ‘I'd never thought I'd lose my mom at 20. I told her I thought she had a couple of years left, but in her eyes, she disagreed.’

That is really sad and people being unsympathetic towards someone losing a loved one is always shocking, this time being no exception.

As fans know, it was Dog who took to his platform this morning to confirm the unfortunate news that Beth had lost the battle with throat cancer.

Just a couple of days before her untimely death, she was placed under a medically-induced coma in an attempt to save her life.

However, unfortunately, Beth would never wake up again.


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