Beth Chapman’s Daughter Cecily Drags Dog The Bounty Hunter's Alleged New Lover - Shares Vid Of Her Mom Talking About Faith!

Beth Chapman’s Daughter Cecily Drags Dog The Bounty Hunter's Alleged New Lover - Shares Vid Of Her Mom Talking About Faith!
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Amid the whole controversy regarding Dog the Bounty Hunter seemingly dating old friend Moon Angell only months after wife Beth Chapman’s passing, her daughter Cecily took to social media to share a throwback clip of Beth talking about faith. According to Cecily, the woman has also moved in with Duane, in the house he and Beth used to share together!

It all started with a woman named Tami sharing a clip of the late star talking with her about religion and the devil alongside the hashtag ‘For the Love of Beth’ which has been spreading on social media as a tribute to her.

Tami seems like she had a friendship with the late Beth, who passed away back in June at the age of only 51.

Therefore, she also addressed the rumors that Dog has moved on with Moon Angell in the caption.

The post was then retweeted by Beth’s daughter and now it’s getting viral because of it!

The original caption from Tami reads: ‘Some Ppl R willing 2 betray yrs of friendship just 2B in the spotlight. Those who R grieving the loss of a spouse R not yet prepared 2 date. A husband distraught by grief may latch on 2 a new relationship prematurely out of desperation 4 luv and physical contact.’

In her own caption, Cecily stressed that while she's wanted to stay quiet on the matter, she could not help but wonder what kind of 'friend' would move in with her dead friend's husband in her own house and then act like she'd done nothing wrong!

'I’ve been very quiet concerning the circumstances but tbh what kinda 'friend' moves into a dead friends house with their husband?! And ACTS LIKE THEY DID NOTHING WRONG?' she wrote.

At the end, the daughter also added a '#narcissist,' of course, referring to Angell.


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  • Selena R Mack
    Selena R Mack Jan 11, 2020 9:31 AM PST

    Well lets see these females hold themselves away from their lovers til its time for Dog to meet some one. He needs a hand in this too. So he may reach out to another woman to comfort him if he needs. I dont want to see him hold arms with another man or holding his family back from their loved ones just to comfort him. So it didnt stop yall from getting your freak on why should it stop him. Aint like Beth was the only chick in the world left. It's other women who can love him too. Mind your business contradiction is what you are, tramps.

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