Beth Chapman From 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Is Battling Cancer Once Again!

Beth Chapman From 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Is Battling Cancer Once Again!

Sadly, Beth Chapman is once again battling cancer! In an official statement by Dog the Bounty Hunter star's lawyer, Andrew Brettler, it was revealed that the woman’s illness has returned.

TMZ also reported that Duane Lee ‘Dog’ Chapman's life partner was rushed to the hospital this very morning due to having some breathing issues.

She underwent emergency surgery and the medical specialists realized that her cancer is unfortunately back.
As fans may know, last year in September, the woman was diagnosed with stage two throat cancer but later on shared the very good news that she was in remission.

That being said, on New Year’s Day, she took to social, media to talk about her ‘battle scars.’

‘Embracing the unembraceable #newbeginnings #newyear Prior to the surgery I had no lines or wrinkles ... a perfect neck if you will. It's been really hard to look at it in the mirror [because] it serves as a constant reminder of something I would love to forget,’ Beth wrote.

She went on to say that: ‘However some lessons you should never forget but only learn from them and also learn to embrace them so today I reveal my worst of battle scars and know that things will only get better in #2018 #secondchances #DogandBeth #battlescars.’

Furthermore, the reality TV star is not the only one who is once again dealing with the life threatening disease.
Top Chef’s Fatima Ali also talked about her own experience with the diagnosis during an interview with ET not too long ago.

She was declared cancer-free earlier this year, but unfortunately, back in September, she found out it was back!


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