Best Photos Of Hailey Baldwin Bieber With Brunette Hair

Best Photos Of Hailey Baldwin Bieber With Brunette Hair
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Most people know Hailey Baldwin Bieber as a blonde, but her natural hair color is brunette. Not only is Hailey not a natural blonde, but her mother is Brazilian, Portuguese, and Italian. Hailey can speak perfect Portuguese and when you see her as a brunette, her Latin American roots shine through. Hailey is very popular on social media with more than 27 million Instagram followers and the 22-year-old model is viewed as a style influencer. Photos of Hailey modeling everything from Clavin Klein to string bikinis go viral online and she has countless fans who celebrate her beauty.

Over the years, Hailey has stunned her fans when she debuted brunette hair. It isn't often to see her with darker locks so when she does, it is a rare treat. For the most part, Hailey keeps her hair long and honey blonde often with darker highlights and lowlights. The times she has worn her hair dark people have an immediate response.

Many people have likened Hailey to Bella Hadid with her brunette hair and there are some fans who prefer her hair darker than lighter. You may see some of Hailey Bieber's best photos featuring her as a brunette below.

In the photo below, Hailey's makeup palette is different than what she usually wears. Her lipstick is a deep red, nearly wine color, and her brown eyes are accentuated with gold shimmery eyeshadow. The look is striking when accentuated with her dark hair.

Source: Hailey Bieber/Instagram

You may see four photos of Hailey Bieber looking stunning with brunette hair below.

People magazine featured a story of Hailey Baldwin when she went to the Met Gala as a brunette that includes several of the photos above. In the close-up picture that the chose for their story, you can see the drastic change in Hailey's appearance with her brunette hair as compared to her blonde look.

What do you think about Hailey Baldwin Bieber with brown hair? Do you like her look better as a blonde or a brunette?

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