Bernie Sanders Confirms That Cardi B Will Be Making A Major Career Change In The Future

Bernie Sanders Confirms That Cardi B Will Be Making A Major Career Change In The Future
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By the looks of things, Cardi B is already planning her exit from music and has a second surprising career lined up -- she plans to follow in the footsteps of President Donald Trump and become the president of the United States.

While Cardi B has always been very passionate about politics and is a major Senator Bernie Sanders supporter; on Sunday, via a series of tweets, she revealed her interest in running for office is more than a dream, but a real goal.

The 27-year-old rapper wrote: "I think I want to be a politician. I really love government even tho I don't agree with Goverment [sic]."

Offset's wife later shared: "Like I was watching War documentaries.No matter how many weapons a country has you need people! How are you trying to go against a country and possibly start a war when this country lacks patriotism? I barely see people claiming they LOVE being American."

Cardi went on to say that she needs to return to school to accomplish her goal: "I do feel like if I go back to school and focus up, I can be part of Congress. I deada-- have sooo much ideas that make sense. I just need a couple of years of school, and I can shake the table."

Bernie spoke to TMZ and confirmed that he did encourage her to get into politics.

The Vermont senator said: "Cardi B is deeply concerned about what's happening in the country. She knows what it's like to live in poverty and struggle, and it would be great for her to bring that experience to politics."

Cardi recently sat down with Bernie, where they tackled several important topics, including the economy, health care, and social injustice in America, and Trump's "racist" rhetoric.

Bernie shared: "Obviously, we need to end all forms of racism in this country," Sanders replies. "From Donald Trump down to the local police department. We have something like one out of four young black men in this country end up in the criminal justice system… That is disgusting and beyond belief. So the first thing we do is we make sure that young people in this country, Black, Latino, Native American, whoever they may be, get the kind of education and job training they need so they can go out and get good jobs. We have to invest in jobs and education."

Cardi seems very serious about this one.

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