Bernie Sanders Claims He'll Release His Tax Returns Soon - Trump Must Do The Same

Bernie Sanders Claims He'll Release His Tax Returns Soon - Trump Must Do The Same
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According to a report from Fox News, the United States Senator, Bernie Sanders, one of the potential candidates for the Democratic Party in the 2020 presidential nomination, claimed on Thursday night that he'd release his tax returns "very shortly," and he urged Trump to do the same.

This came shortly after his appearence on Comedy Central's The Daily Show , starring Trevor Noah. Near the ending of the program, formerly hosted by Jon Stewart, the host acknowledged the effort to try and acquire approximately six years worth of tax returns from the President.

The president has said in the past that he couldn't release them because of an ongoing audit. However, Noah explained that he noticed Sanders didn't want to release his tax returns as well. Noah claimed his theory was Trump doesn't want the world to know he's not a billionaire and Bernie really is sitting on a massive fortune.

Noah's facetious theory drew a laugh from the self-proclaimed Democratic socialist who apparently has in his possession not one, but three houses in total. The host asked if United States citizens would get the chance to see them, and he said of course.

"I'm delighted to do that, proud to do that. Hey Mr. Trump, you do the same thing," Mr. Sanders said to the camera. As most know, Mr. Trump's tax returns were one of the main issues that the media chose to focus on during his presidential campaign back in 2015 and 2016.

Donald never actually revealed them to the public. Some on social media have criticized the media's choice to focus on the returns once again, considering the fact everyone in the public has already heard about them once.

Compounded with the recent announcement that the media was wrong about the potential Russia collusion for the last two years, the fall back to the tax returns appears cheap and contrived.

As one person on social media put it, "the only reason they're even talking about this again is that they have no fresh material. Russiagate is over, and now they've got nothing."

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