Bernie Sanders Allegedly Furious Over MSNBC Coverage

Bernie Sanders Allegedly Furious Over MSNBC Coverage
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Bernie Sanders was furious with NBC and MSNBC executives this week when he criticized one of the top network executives for their repeated negative coverage. Page Six claims the presidential candidate walked up to the top producer at the end of the Las Vegas debate and began finger-waving and criticizing their journalistic integrity.

A bystander claimed that Bernie walked right up to the head of creative production for NBC and MSNBC and began telling him what he really thought. He stated, "your coverage of my campaign is not fair," adding that many of their questions during the debate would reflect the same.

The NBC executive told him in response that he would be "treated fairly." Another insider close to the confrontation claimed Sanders was so mad that he fought with Phil Griffin, the MSNBC boss near the green room just a few moments before the debate stated.

Reportedly, Sanders asked him if anything would change, adding that their network had been painting him in an inaccurate and unfair way. What made Sanders so mad was the comments made by MSNBC pundits and hosts, for instance, Chris Matthews, who insinuated Bernie would be happy to see communist-style executions in New York City's Central Park.

Chuck Todd, the moderator for the debate on Wednesday, quoted a news report that compared Sanders' supporters to the National Socialists of the 1930s and 1940s, aka, the Nazis. Sanders addressed this report, revealing to Todd that he thought the Holocaust allusion was "offensive."

Faiz Shakir, Bernie's campaign manager, claimed that even networks such as Fox News have been more honest and fair in their coverage of Bernie. Shakir suggested MSNBC and NBC have continuously tried to perpetuate the unraveling of Bernie's presidential campaign.

On Friday, he said to reporters from Page Six that the aforementioned networks have done a poor job of covering Bernie and his supporters, adding that much of the reporting has been "condescending."

Shakir also reportedly said that "no other campaign" has received such negative coverage, although, some might say that Trump would disagree.

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