Bernice Burgos' Rival Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Flaunts Her Curvy Body In Tight Romper That Has T.I. Feeling All Kinds Of Ways

Bernice Burgos' Rival Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Flaunts Her Curvy Body In Tight Romper That Has T.I. Feeling All Kinds Of Ways

Tameka "Tiny" Harris and her hot mama curves are killing it in a tight little denim outfit that has T.I. drooling and showing Bernice Burgos what she is made off.

Tiny has managed to get her man back.

In two pictures posted on Instagram, the Xscape singer flaunted her amazing figure in a short romper that showed off her toned legs and arms.

The body-hugging attire is proof that Tiny was right to hire hot trainer Kory Phillips over the summer to help her stay in shape.

Baby Heiress also makes an appearance in the snapshots.

A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Tiny was using Phillips' services to further tone and sculpt her figure before going on stage.

One source claimed: "Tiny does not want to lose a whole bunch of weight. This is about tightening up. She wants a snatched waist and more definition. She likes Kory [Phillips] because he is all about her keeping her curves. She is working out for an hour every day and is sticking to a meal plan.”

The insider also revealed that she was working out in skimpy outfits to make T.I. jealous after he cheated with Burgos.

The person confessed: “Tiny loves having the shoe on the other foot. Now he knows how she felt when he was with Bernice. Tiny and all her friends think [Kory] is hot as hell — and T.I. knows it too.”

As for Burgos, she is still furious over the fact that the ATL actor led her on and dumped her.

The pro-Burgos source shared: “She would never have fallen for him if she thought he still had feelings for Tiny and that they would give their marriage another go. Tip swore to Bernice that his marriage was over and that he was getting a divorce, and Bernice fell for it hook, line, and sinker. But now she cannot help feeling played, that TIP just fed her a line, and she is pissed. TIP made Bernice all these promises that when the dust settled on his divorce, they would go public as a couple. But instead, he went crawling back to Tiny."

Tiny's curves have led T.I. back home and it looks he will stay there.

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  • Gloria C
    Gloria C Sep 29, 2017 6:28 AM PDT

    Tiny is a wee-bit too damn "tiny" (pun intended) for all that a$$ ! No more plastic surgery gurl....please!

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