Bernice Burgos Lost T.I. Because Tiny Keeps It Spicy In The Bedroom With Hot Lingerie

Bernice Burgos Lost T.I. Because Tiny Keeps It Spicy In The Bedroom With Hot Lingerie

Tiny could care less about Bernice Burgos and her bikini body; she is busy wooing T.I. with sexy lingerie in the bedroom and thus far she is having major success.

It has been over ten months since the famous power couple announced they were splitting after almost seven years of marriage.

In a recent interview with Wendy Williams, Tiny made it clear that she is keeping her man, and they are still married despite all the noise on social media.

The mother of four said they are "working on their relationship" as they go along.

A source has come forward to say there is one area that needs no extra work -- the bedroom.

The star of T.I.’s Road to Redemption has been inspired by Kim Kardashian and Beyonce to always switch up her looks and hair to keep T.I. interested and satisfy.

The Xscape singer always wears beautiful lingerie to bed and walks around the house in outfits made to turn her husband on.

A family friend of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle star claimed: “Tiny’s very committed to keeping things hot in the bedroom.She’s doing all kinds of things. First of all, she went out and bought a whole closet full of new bedroom clothes. She threw out all her old boring stuff, like her ugly housecoat. Now she only wears cute stuff in front of her husband. She wants to be T.I.’s dream woman at all times, and that takes work.”

The source went on to reveal: “She’s been playing around a lot with wigs too, in and out of the bedroom because T.I. loves it when she changes her hair style. She’s got a short pink one and a really long straight platinum blonde one that goes past her butt — kind of like the way Kim Kardashian has been wearing her hair lately. And you should see the shoes she’s been wearing for him, he really loves super high stripper shoes. Tiny spent a fortune ordering all these amazing heels; she’s having a lot of fun and T.I.’s loving it too.”

In the past two months, Tiny has been seen with black, brown, red, and blonde hair -- indeed she is changing looks to keep things spicy.

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