Bernice Burgos Is Still Competing With Tiny For T.I's Attention On Social Media

Bernice Burgos Is Still Competing With Tiny For T.I's Attention On Social Media

If Tiny takes one hot selfie, just give Bernice Burgos about 48 hours, and she will retaliate with her own sexy picture.

It appears that T.I.'s wife and his former side chick are following each other on social media and competing for his attention.

Tiny recently showed off her toned figure in a denim romper as she was spending some quality time with baby Heiress.

The Xscape diva received many compliments on her fit body and beautiful daughter.

A few hours later, Miss Burgos reared her head in a body-hugging outfit that will make men drool and ladies envious of her killer curves and washboard abs.

In the viral selfie, Burgos is wearing a light green romper that revealed her piercings.

According to the latest rumors, the mother of two is angry over the fact that the ATL actor used and dumped her and went back to Tiny.

The source said: “She would never have fallen for him if she thought he still had feelings for Tiny and that they would give their marriage another go. Tip swore to Bernice that his marriage was over and that he was getting a divorce, and Bernice fell for it hook, line, and sinker. But now she cannot help feeling played, that Tip just fed her a line, and she is pissed. Tip made Bernice all these promises that when the dust settled on his divorce, they would go public as a couple. But instead, he went crawling back to Tiny."

The chatty insider added: "Bernice is not a home wrecker; she would not have fallen for Tip if she knew he still wanted to get with Tiny. But he told her that was not the case, and she believed him. What’s really frustrating though is that Bernice knows it will not last between Tiny and Tip, that he will never be truly happy with her. Their relationship is broken, and no amount of trying will fix it. Bernice knows that Tip will come crawling back to her someday, but she is done with him, and she has closed that door—or so she says.”

Tiny might have won the race, but Bugos is not giving up.

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  • Sparke Addams
    Sparke Addams Oct 7, 2017 3:04 AM PDT

    Bernice and TI will be back together. She's a pretty girl. Tiny you're better than that. Babies don't make it right. So sick of seeing her compete with this women. All the plastic surgeries are catching up. Too much a** for the frame fix that.

  • Nuki Franceska Fantroy
    Nuki Franceska Fantroy Oct 2, 2017 12:58 AM PDT

    Tell go crawl in a hole somewhere! She knew! She a paid hoe! Side Bs Neva Win! 17 years and a brand new baby...she a fool to think Tip was gonna leave his family! One thing about Atlanta dudes... Baby Mommas with history always win! Now what the problem with Bernice is... All that pretty girl...but her poonanie must not be S! She straight up can't keep a man for Nothing! Lol. And that's keeping it ??

  • Efrain
    Efrain Oct 1, 2017 1:39 AM PDT

    And here the truth they are all trying to become mother before the old bat kris goes bye bye you can only stretch that face before turn into michael jackson of joan rivers then youll be another tupperware collection and kylie is still to young and she knows once she has a baby that's when the partying stop. Khloe was trying to get pregnant but i guess lamar was the source of the problem cause now she said she pregnant by her man what the he'll it's going on 6 its on 12 going on 15 with kylies baby and khloe well now all you need on to change the name 16 and keep growing the next one should be kris habing a baby of course by having another women carry her baby cause that dinosaur can have any kids those eggs are hard boiled

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