Bernice Burgos Is Still A Major Problem For T.I. And Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Despite Reconciliation

Bernice Burgos Is Still A Major Problem For T.I. And Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Despite Reconciliation

Bernice Burgos is still making life hard for Tiny and T.I. despite the fact that she is out of the picture.

It has been over eight months since Tiny threw the divorce papers at her husband's face.

Many tabloids claimed that T.I.'s infidelity led to the split.

In the last episode of the now-canceled reality show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle , the Xscape singer confirmed that her spouse and partner of 17 years did indeed step out of their marriage with a woman she had hired to do a job for her.

Fans of the pair are confident that it was none other than video vixen Bernice Burgos.

During the summer, the power couple reconciled after a lavish vacation in the Caribbean.

However, Tiny still has sleepless nights because of Burgos.

She feels like the mother of two can click her fingers, and T.I. will come back running.

An insider explained: “Even though Bernice [Burgos] is out of the picture, she is still on Tiny‘s mind. Tiny checks up on her on social media and compares herself to her all the time. Tiny is still haunted by Bernice — Bernice nearly destroyed her marriage, so just forgetting about her is not an option. Instead, she is taking notes and making sure she outdoes Bernice."

The mother of four is doing all she can to keep her man happy and interested with sexy twerking videos and more.

The person went on to say: "Sending T.I. sexy twerking videos is just part of it — she is also checking Bernice’s style and how she poses for her selfies. Tiny is not in total denial; she knows T.I. Obviously had a huge attraction to Bernice and she wants to make sure she does it better than her. She is all about proving to T.I. That she is better for him in every way.”

Tiny, who had a one-night stand with Blac Chyna, is also taking tips from the curvy reality star.

A chatty insider claimed: “Chyna is encouraging Tiny to sex it up and to post super hot photos to drive TIP crazy and keep his attention. She is also encouraging Tiny to be photographed going out on her own with her friends a lot more, so he knows she is not just sitting around at home waiting for him."

The T.I. and Tiny show has left the TV screens for the tabloids.

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    Be Focused Sep 8, 2017 2:21 PM PDT

    Tiny is worried about a hoe. Whore gone be whore that's just what that is . Stay a Lady and keep classy.

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