Bernice Burgos Is Obsessed With Tiny Harris' Husband T.I. -- Model Reportedly Looks At His Photos

Bernice Burgos Is Obsessed With Tiny Harris' Husband T.I. -- Model Reportedly Looks At His Photos
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It seems that Tameka "Tiny" Harris will have to hide T.I to make sure that his former side chick, Bernice Burgos, does not get her hands on him again.

A new report claims that Miss Burgos is still obsessed with the ATL star despite the fact that he has dumped her and went back to his wife, Tiny.

Earlier this year, as the couple was battling marital issues and was even thinking about divorce, T.I. fell for Burgos.

Burgos, a mother of two and Instagram model with a passion for fitness, was said to be head over heels for the father of seven.

Tiny was able to get her man back, and now Burgos is apparently browsing social media looking at pictures of her former lover and his wife.

A source claimed: “Bernice would take T.I. back in a heartbeat, much as she may pretend otherwise.It is like she is obsessed with him. She is constantly checking his social accounts, as well As Tiny’s. She just can’t quit him. Bernice says that she is never felt like this about any man. From the minute they first met, the was this insanely passionate connection, and that is something you do not give up on.”

The insider states that Burgos believes that she found her equal in T.I. which is why it is hard to let him go.

The family friend said: “Bernice is a gorgeous woman and constantly has handsome, successful men throwing themselves at her, but she just isn’t that interested. She thought she had the man of her dreams in T.I. as he is everything she is looking for: confident, successful, handsome, makes her laugh and was incredibly supportive. He is the kind of man who knows he is a boss and doesn’t have to remind you all the time.”

T.I. was generous with Burgos in and out of the bedroom, and that is something she has yet to find in another man.

The source shared: “He gave her butterflies just thinking about him, and now he is totally out of her life.It sucks because now that she has had a man like T.I. in her life she is not interested in a lot of the guys who hit on her. He broke her heart, and now she cannot seem to move on to someone new.”

Most commenters say that Burgos should move on, but she is determined to use this drama to stay in the limelight. T.I. and Tiny have never been better, according to those followers.

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  • Erica Wynn
    Erica Wynn Nov 19, 2017 6:26 AM PST

    Cutie pie, please, please try to move on! You're more than some cad's side chick, ok. You are incredibly beautiful and talented, too. I pray that a truly real, single man will love, honor, respect, and cherish you and only you. Go luck, baby girl! :)

  • Cheryl Mosley
    Cheryl Mosley Nov 18, 2017 8:44 PM PST

    Pleaszzzze!!!!! Side chick think more of yourself yes you are beautiful but your butt is a little awkward. Anyway, this man was NEVER yours. TO BE CLEAR, he is a MARRIED MAN, a FATHER of Seven. A SON-IN-LAW, and SON,AN UNCLE etc. that’s call FAMILY. Seems like you’re not familiar with family. Question?..where’s your baby daddy? God !!!! girl move on you look like a sloppy fool.

  • Gloria C
    Gloria C Nov 18, 2017 6:12 PM PST

    Leave this married man alone woman! Go find a single man that will love u 4 u! TI does not know who he wants...however It does not appear 2 be u! Close ur frickin legs to married men!

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