Bernice Burgos Has Competition - Tiny Sends T.I. Twerking Videos For Him To Remain Faithful

Bernice Burgos Has Competition - Tiny Sends T.I. Twerking Videos For Him To Remain Faithful
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A lucky man indeed! T.I. is said to have two stunners - Tiny and Bernice Burgos - competing for his attention with raunchy twerking videos.

The world knows that T.I. and Tiny have been going through some marital woes.

The Xscape singer filed for divorce in late 2016, but over the summer after battling a load of rumors of infidelity and shading each other on social media; they opted to reconcile.

Tiny herself has spoken on how she plans to save her marriage with the rapper at all cost during a live session on Instagram.

A source close to the mother of four has decided to give more details on how she managed to win her husband back and is now keeping him at home - where he belongs.

She has been working out, keeping it tight, and sending him private twerking videos to keep him from wandering around.

The source close to the petite singer explained: “Tiny has some serious booty, and unlike Bernice, her butt is all natural. She can make it bounce like crazy, and it drives T.I. wild. He cannot wait to get back to her to get a private show.”

The same insider went on to say that Tiny is a classy lady and a mom and will, therefore, not be twerking on the Internet.

The friend stated: “Tiny has kids and is a classy woman so she’d never post her twerking skills on the web but she has got moves that put Bernice Burgos, 37, to shame.”

Indeed, while there are multiple pictures and videos of Tiny having fun in night clubs, she is never seen dancing in any of them.

Another source claimed the MC has been hooked on Tiny's mama curves for the past 17 years and will not let her go.

The second insider shared: "TIP thinks Tiny looks amazing, he has always loved her body, and he thinks she actually looks hotter now than she ever has. They have always had this insanely strong physical connection, and a crazy passionate relationship, it is probably one of the main reasons why they have such intense fights — and then such emotionally charged make-ups.”

The tipster added: “They are on really great terms right now. TIP is on his best behavior, he is saying and doing all the things Tiny wants, and he is even told her he is open to counseling and that he is completely committed to making things work. Everything is perfect, but Tiny is dubious as to how long it can last. She has been through this before, and TIP has always ended up slipping back to his old ways eventually. But, she is making the most of it right now, and the kids are really happy to see their parents together and getting on again.”

What are your thoughts on Tiny and T.I.'s hot dance videos to keep the romance going?

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