Bernice Burgos Gets Cozy With Quavo In Video From New Migos Album Release Party

Bernice Burgos Gets Cozy With Quavo In Video From New Migos Album Release Party
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For the third time, Bernice Burgos has been spotted with her new man, and he is another very famous rapper, which means Tiny Harris can finally sleep at night.

By the looks of things, Quavo and Miss Burgos are a real thing. Last week, the hot grandmother, who had a brief fling with T.I., was pictured chilling with the Migos rapper in Miami, Florida.

A few days later, behold, Burgos, in a very bright yellow jacket and green pants, was sitting next to Cardi B at The Migos Culture II listening party in New York.

The couple was seen dancing and sharing drinks. That is not all they shared, Quavo was wearing a pair of expensive sunglasses that he gave to Burgos. Additionally, the New Yorker is working hard to promote the album.

Some fans seem to agree that to have the curvy Instagram model front and center at the listening party implies that things are getting serious and they are happy for them.

However, a few think Burgos is cashing in.

A fan said: "She is messing with Quavo though.. she ain’t gonna leave Gucci store to go shop at Walmart.. tell others to wait couple wks until they are done messing around then 69 might have a shot."

Another shared: "You about to be the world’s baddest grandmother Tiny did say she was a pass around AFTER SHE WENT AFTER TIP."

A third commenter stated: "It’s this gorgeous chick on my Instagram .. I think Quavo would look super cute with Bernice.. she owns her own fashion business n sh#t .. he needs to stop playing with these weirdos."

The last time Burgos and the Xscape singer were in the same sentence, it had to do with her inability to let go another woman's husband.

Hollywood Life claimed: “Bernice would take T.I. back in a heartbeat, much as she may pretend otherwise. It’s like she is obsessed with him. She is constantly checking his social accounts, as well As Tiny’s. Bernice says that she is never felt like this about any man.”

The tipster added: “It gave her butterflies just thinking about him, and now he is totally out of her life. It is sad because now that she has had a man like T.I. in her life she is not really interested in a lot of the guys who hit on her. He broke her heart, and now she cannot seem to move on with someone new.”

Do you think this romance will last?

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  • Alaias Perkins
    Alaias Perkins Jan 29, 2018 1:07 PM PST

    She needs to sit her old butt down stop acting like she's 19.

  • Erica Wynn
    Erica Wynn Jan 29, 2018 12:39 PM PST

    Please let this ultra cutie be,guys. #letherhavesomefun.

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