Ben Higgins Talks Colton Underwood Quitting The Bachelor - Was The Exit His 'Fence Jump?'

Ben Higgins Talks Colton Underwood Quitting The Bachelor - Was The Exit His 'Fence Jump?'
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Before the much anticipated episode of The Bachelor featuring Colton Underwood's meme-worthy fence jump aired, Ben Higgins assured all the fans that he did not actually quit the show.  Here's why he is convinced of that!

In case you were not aware, shortly after his season premiered back in January, Colton chatted with ET and during the interview, he was asked about the fence jump that was included in the teasers.

That being said, his response intrigued many because he went on to say that the scene was him walking away from the show!

So did he really quit? His response was simple although, it was perhaps just a joke - ‘There was no Bachelor.’

But now, season 20 star Ben Higgins tells the outlet that: ‘Nobody really quits the show. You are the Bachelor, once you sign up, no matter what, your story's already been told. If you want to walk away after night one you can do it, I guess, but it does not really mean you quit the show, it just means the show's going to look a lot different. There is no actual quitting.’

Regardless, Higgins made it clear that he is happy there are always new types of discussions surrounding each season’s bachelors!

‘The surprises are the beauty of the show. I don’t understand how every season they get something new!’ he marveled.

Higgins had only great things to say about Underwood and even related to him to an extent: ‘He’s young, like I was. Maybe he hasn’t dated as much… but in feeling [the emotions of] the cast, he’s done a great job.’


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