Ben Higgins Reveals That He And Fiancee Jessica Clark Are Sleeping Apart Until They Get Married

Ben Higgins Reveals That He And Fiancee Jessica Clark Are Sleeping Apart Until They Get Married
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The Bachelor alum Ben Higgins got engaged last month to Jessica Clarke, but the couple is sleeping in separate beds while they quarantine in Tennessee with her family. Higgins revealed earlier this week that he and Clarke have decided to abstain from sex until they are husband and wife.

Higgins spoke with fellow Bachelor Nation alum Nick Viall on his podcast The Viall Files , and he talked about his recent engagement, as well as what life has been like for him and Clarke during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Viall asked Higgins if he and Clarke were sharing a bed during the lockdown or if they were waiting until they got married, and Higgins replied that they were sleeping in “separate” beds.

“Right now she has a bedroom upstairs at her parents’ house, I’m in the downstairs,” he said. “It’s like a respect level, and also just like how — what the logistics of it is.”

Viall wanted to know more, and he pushed a little further with his questions. He asked Higgins if he had sex within the past week, and Higgins replied that he had “definitely not” had sex this week, and “not in the last like, year and a half.”

That’s when Viall realized that Higgins and Clarke were waiting until they got married to have sex, and he asked Higgins to clarify if he was right. Higgins said that Viall was correct.

The recent lockdown is actually the first time that Higgins and Clarke have lived in the same place since they started dating. Clarke lives in Tennessee and Higgins lives in Colorado, and they have been dating long distance the entire time. Higgins pointed out during the interview that he and Clarke have never lived in the same city together.

Higgins also revealed that he and Clarke were planning on getting married fairly soon, but they are going to have to enjoy their engagement a little longer than expected because of the novel coronavirus.

Higgins explained that they don’t know what this virus is going to affect, and the lockdowns could last into the summer. At that point, all of the scheduled weddings in the spring will have been pushed back into the summer, and it’s going to be a challenge to find a venue.

Higgins says that he doesn’t want to add stress to a “really fun and joyful time” knowing that the relationship is “the real deal.” He added that they have another issue to deal with when it comes to picking a wedding date - Clarke’s brother, who plays professional baseball.

“So there’s a very short season of, like, freedom that he isn’t playing that we can get married,” said Higgins. “So it’s kind of managing and navigating — well when does his season start up?”

Ben Higgins says it is “almost impossible” to figure out and they might just end up eloping with close family, but ultimately the decision is up to Jessica Clarke because it is her day.


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