Ben Foster & Laura Prepon Welcome Baby Number Two

Ben Foster & Laura Prepon Welcome Baby Number Two
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Orange is the New Black star Laura Prepon and her husband, Ben Foster, have officially welcomed baby number two. The actress recently gave birth to a baby boy, and she announced the news to her Instagram fans on Wednesday.

Prepon didn’t reveal the name of her son or any details about his birthday. But, the 39-year-old did post a pic of herself holding the newborn, who was wrapped in a blanket and wearing a pink, blue, and white beanie. in the caption of the pic she wrote: “Welcoming home our new bundle of love. Overwhelmed with gratitude. ❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Prepon and Foster - who married in June 2018 - are also the parents of two-and-a-half year old Ella, who was born in the summer of 2017.

The That 70s Show alum announced the news of her second pregnancy on Instagram back in October. Prepon posted a pic of herself holding Ella while showing off her baby bump, and in the caption she wrote that she and Foster were excited to announce that their family was growing. She added that “Life is beautiful,” along with the hashtag #knockedup.

Last April, Prepon said on The MOMS that she and Foster do their best to balance their careers with their parental responsibilities, noting that after giving birth to Ella she had to “get back to work really quickly.”

“Ben and I are really great about if I’m at work, he’s [at home], and if he’s at work, I’m [at home],” Prepon said. “[But] I do feel guilty, and I just know that [Ella would] be proud if she knew. I’ve talked to a bunch of women [asking], ‘How do you do this?’ And they’re just like, ‘There’s really no solution. You just do it.’“

Prepon also discussed her experience with mom shaming, saying that she’s aware that some women get shamed when they bottle feed their babies earlier instead of breastfeeding. Prepon says that she doesn’t allow that kind of behavior anywhere near her or her friends.

After her maternity leave, Laura Prepon will be going on tour to promote her new book You and I, as Mothers: A Raw and Honest Guide to Motherhood , which will be available wherever books are sold on April 7th.

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