Ben Affleck Uses Dating Rumors To Talk Recovery And Giving Back

Ben Affleck Uses Dating Rumors To Talk Recovery And Giving Back
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Ben Affleck is using all the rumors swirling around his dating life to promote a good cause. The actor is turning the speculation into an opportunity to talk about his recovery and giving back.

Days after reports surfaced the Good Will Hunting star had signed up for the dating app, Raya he is joking about his personal life . Affleck used a light-hearted post to poke fun about dating, as well as bring awareness to a cause close to his heart.

"HA, you got me. I'm dating," the 47-year-old began an Instagram post on Saturday.

After having a little fun at his own expense, Affleck got serious regarding his recovery and giving back. He credited an organization that is doing amazing work helping those who have struggled with the same addiction issues as the Hollywood star.

"But let's be serious for a moment and talk about something that is actually important. I have been in recovery for over a year and part of that is helping out others. @themidnightmission is an incredible organization that helps those in need with housing, training, development, and recovery," the father of three revealed.

Affleck then decided to use all the attention surrounding him siging up for the dating app Raya, to request a donation from the company. It is all in the name of supporting a good cause.

"I'm making a donation today because there are people battling addiction every day that don't have the resources and need help. @raya, you in? Who else is with me? Click the link in my bio to donate," he wrote.

Raya has not yet responded to the post, but The Midnight Express Mission immediately commented on it.

"Thank you for all that you do. We appreciate you!" remarked the official Instagram account for the organization.

Several other users praised the Oscar winner for using his platform, as well as the media frenzy around his dating life to promote such a pivotal organization.

There are many ways Ben Affleck could have responded to reports he is on the dating app Raya. Instead of blasting the news or denying it altogether, he decided to use the attention to shine the spotlight on an important cause.

Asking Raya to donate to The Midnight Express Mission is creating a lot of buzz for the charity. Talk about taking a negative and turning it into a positive. Nice job Ben Affleck.

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