Ben Affleck Says Struggling Through Justice League Was Worth It Because Of His Kids

Ben Affleck Says Struggling Through Justice League Was Worth It Because Of His Kids
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Movie Web picked up on an interview with Ben Affleck this weekend in which the actor explained his most turbulent years in the Hollywood scene following his meteoric rise due to the success of Good Will Hunting,  starring himself, Matt Damon, and Robin Williams.

Fans of the actor know Ben Affleck and Matt Damon became big stars seemingly overnight when Good Will Hunting , whose screenplay was noticed by Robin Williams, earned both actors an Oscar for the best original screenplay as well as critical praise for his character, Chucky.

For years, Ben continued in the same vein, appearing in movie after movie, sometimes in romantic films and other times in more serious roles. However, as time passed, his personal life became a subject of interest for tabloid stories.

During a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck touched on his tumultuous career including how he once fell from the graces of Hollywood (from which he eventually bounced back).

Despite the fact Ben had earned an Oscar for Argo , a film about the Iranian hostage crisis, he encountered challenges as his relationship with Jennifer Garner collapsed and his alcohol addiction worsened. Ben had been in and out of rehab a number of times over the course of his life. In fact, Jennifer even drove him to rehab once.

According to the Academy Award winner, it was the film, Batman versus Superman, his problems making Justice League , as well as his personal life that pushed him over the edge of the cliff of addiction. These days, he's doing a lot better, like his career, but he's more cautious.

Mr. Affleck has been in the headlines repeatedly over the last few months for his relationship with Ana De Armas. Furthermore, Ben will star as Batman once again in a movie based on The Flash, and his latest project, The Way Back , has generated discussion among critics and award circles.


In other words, it appears as though Ben's career is on the up and up, and we just may see more great projects from him in the future.

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