Ben Affleck Reportedly 'Taking His Sobriety Very Seriously’ Despite Relapsing On Halloween

Ben Affleck Reportedly 'Taking His Sobriety Very Seriously’ Despite Relapsing On Halloween
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The actor has been struggling with his alcohol addiction, relapsing not too long ago! Regardless, one insider report assures fans that Ben Affleck is ‘doing well’ now and is back on track, ‘taking his sobriety very seriously.’

This update on his mental health comes after Ben spent Thanksgiving with his former wife, Jennifer Garner and the three kids they share together.

As for his sobriety, the source shared via HollywoodLife that ‘Ben’s doing well and looking great after the relapse. He’s taking his sobriety very seriously.’

The concerns regarding his drinking problem resurfaced after the actor made headlines for looking drunk at the UNICEF Masquerade Ball a bit over a month ago.

A clip obtained and shared by TMZ showed Ben stumbling outside the bash while being helped stand and walk properly by a female friend of his.

Usually, being inebriated at a fun pre-Halloween party is not a big deal but because of the actor’s history with alcoholism, it quickly got people worried since he’s supposed to stay completely away from alcohol.

After all, the man was even in rehab for his drinking problems so for him, it was not just another party.

Ever since then, Ben and Jen have been spending a lot of time as a family and that may have been a great distraction for him too.

‘Ben and Jen have worked really hard to co-parent well. They spent Thanksgiving together for the kids' sake. It was a no brainer for them and the kids were happy about it. It’s just their way of life and it works for them. They’ll always put them first. The day was great and it was a nice holiday,’ the source went on to dish to the same news outlet.

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