Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, And Their Families Visit Breonna Taylor Memorial

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, And Their Families Visit Breonna Taylor Memorial
Credit: Source: Twitter

Longtime friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon remembered Kentucky EMT Breonna Taylor on Friday, on what would have been her 27th birthday. The Good Will Hunting stars each brought family members with them when they visited Taylor’s memorial in Los Angeles.

Affleck brought his three children - Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 8 - who he shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner. Damon brought two of his daughters - Isabella, 13, and Gia, 11- as well as his wife Luciana Barroso, her daughter Alexia Barroso, and other relatives.

Everyone in the group wore surgical masks and held bouquets of roses as they made their way to the memorial site at the Hall of Justice in LA.

Cameras caught Affleck holding Samuel’s hand as they crossed the street. They also saw Damon grab Gia’s hand and keep her close.

Two months before the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis, police in Louisville, Kentucky executed a no-knock warrant at the home Taylor shared with her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. Officers were looking for a suspect they believed to be Taylor’s boyfriend, but they were mistaken.

After entering the home with a battering ram, Walker shouted “who’s there?” numerous times. The officers were not in uniform, so Walker armed himself and started shooting.

However, the suspect the cops were looking for was already in custody, the cops were in the wrong place, and they murdered Taylor - an African American woman - while she was asleep in her bed. The police shot her eight times, and she was pronounced dead on the scene. The officers did arrest Walker, but later let him go and dropped the charges against him.

Mass gatherings took place all over the country on Friday, June 5, to celebrate Taylor’s birthday. Numerous celebrities also took to Instagram to demand justice for Taylor.

“Happy Birthday #BreonnaTaylor. She looks so pretty and fine in this pic,” wrote Cardi B. on an Instagram post that featured a pic of Taylor. “Her story it’s so sad and unfair and it almost didn’t get picked up by the media. Kentuky police department really tried to sweep her case under the rug, but got is BIG. The fight ain’t over till you get justice.”


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