Ben Affleck Is 'Serious' About Staying Sober And Spending Time With His Family

Ben Affleck Is 'Serious' About Staying Sober And Spending Time With His Family
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What a difference a year makes! In August 2018, Ben Affleck made headlines as he struggled with his alcohol addiction. He broke up with his girlfriend and hooked up with a Playboy model 20 years his junior, as he accepted large alcohol deliveries at his home and then hit up fast food drive-thrus. Eventually, his ex-wife Jennifer Garner staged an intervention and drove him to rehab. And now, Affleck is celebrating one year of sobriety.

Affleck spent 40 days in a Malibu treatment facility - which was his third time in rehab - and he emerged in October 2018 a new man. Insiders say that health and sobriety remain a top priority in the Oscar winner’s life, and he is currently in a great place.

“He is very open about how challenging it is for him and works on his sobriety daily,” an insider told People Magazine. “Ben thinks of alcoholism as a disease—you shouldn’t be ashamed of a disease.”

Even though Affleck is “very serious about his sobriety,” it has not been easy, says the source. But, he’s doing it not just for himself, but for his family, which includes the three children he shares with Garner - Violet, 13, Seraphina, 10, and Samuel, 7.

Affleck and Garner split in 2015 after ten years of marriage, and a judge finalized their divorce last October. However, they both remain committed to co-parenting their children, and Affleck and Garner take the job “very seriously.”

“While sober, Ben is able to spend more quality time with the kids. It’s exactly how Jen wants things to be,” says the source.

When he completed his treatment last fall, the Gone Girl star said in a statement that battling any addiction is a lifelong and difficult struggle, which means that it is a full-time commitment and one is never really in or out of treatment.

“I am fighting for myself and my family,” Affleck wrote on Instagram.

The 47-year-old has kept up with his parenting duties this summer. The insider says the kids have had a lot of fun with their dad, and they have had sleepovers at his house. He also takes them out for fun activities, and cameras recently spotted him picking up Samuel from swimming class.

In the pics, Ben Affleck appeared to be completely engaged with his young son as they walked to their vehicle. Samuel appeared to be describing his swimming experience to his dad, and Affleck was completely focused on his 7-year-old.

The actor seemed healthy and happy, and his son was obviously thrilled that his dad was by his side.

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