Ben Affleck Addresses His Phoenix Back Tattoo On Ellen DeGeneres - Says It's "Meaningful"

Ben Affleck Addresses His Phoenix Back Tattoo On Ellen DeGeneres - Says It's "Meaningful"
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According to a report from Vanity Fair, Ben Affleck made an appearence on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently and discussed his derided back tattoo that was captured on camera four years ago while the actor was riding a Sea-Doo near the beach.

As a consequence of the photographs, Ben Affleck entered the archives of celebrity tattoos hated by the general public. The issue for most is the fact that it kind of looks like a phoenix rising not from his lower back but actually from his bottom.

Moreover, the color scheme and the design of the actual tattoo doesn't look quite as majestic as it's supposed to. On Thursday, Ben sat down with the host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and discussed why he got the tattoo and why it's important to him.

During his time on the show, Ben also discussed his latest film, Triple Frontier , as well as his work with the charity organization, the Eastern Congo initiative. As it was previously reported, Ben's tattoo first became the topic of conversation when the paparazzi took a photo of it in 2015.

Initially, Affleck denied the tattoo was real, stating it was actually a piece of body art for an upcoming film. However, fans noticed it never once appeared in a film, so inevitably, the public realized it was actually a real tattoo.

Even his longtime pal, Matt Damon, commented on Ben's tattoo. Matt supported him in his choice, stating that he could get whatever tattoo he wanted.

On Ellen's show, Affleck told the host that he realized the reaction to the tattoo really wasn't that positive. Although, at least he can acknowledge that people don't like it, and he's comfortable with it anyway.

As it was noted above, Ben isn't alone in this type of controversy either. Previously, Justin Bieber came under fire as well for covering nearly his entire body in tattoos, including a chest piece featuring several animals such as a Lion. Justin, unlike Ben, however, has never actually addressed the tattoos.

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