Below Deck Med's Hannah Ferrier Hooked Up With One Of Guys From M/Y Seanna

Below Deck Med's Hannah Ferrier Hooked Up With One Of Guys From M/Y Seanna
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The cast of Below Deck has spilled some major tea on episodes of the After Show during Season 6, with fans finding out fun tidbits like Ross Inia’s attempt to kiss Kate Chastain. So, during the reunion, Andy Cohen tried to find out more about what went down between the chief stew and bosun, and he ended up uncovering even more juicy gossip.

When talking about the almost romantic moment, Chastain said that they were all partying, and she doesn’t think that Inia knew it was her. She did call him a “very lovely drunk” and said that she was “super flattered,” but she wasn’t into Ross.

"He's not edgy enough for me. He's too nice," she explained. "I like ---holes. I have really bad taste."

Inia admitted that he had no idea he tried to kiss Chastain until someone told him about it later. Both Ross and Kate denied hooking up, but Rhylee Gerber claimed that Ross told her that they did. That’s when Ross announced, “it was someone else.”

Of course, Cohen couldn’t let that slide, and he asked Ross who it was he hooked up with while guessing it was Hannah Ferrier, the chief stew on Below Deck Mediterranean .

"I believe so," Ross said. "It was just a friendly kiss, that's all. Like when I'm kissing everyone else, apparently. Just a hongi."

What is a hongi? According to The Daily Dish , it’s a traditional Maori greeting where two people press their noses together.

Hannah has other connections to the Below Deck crew. In addition to sharing a hongi with Ross, she also worked with and kissed Ben Robinson in Season 1 of Below Deck Med , she is good friends with Kate, and Captain Lee Rosbach has nothing but good things to say about her.

As for the romance on this season of Below Deck, Rhylee ended up kissing both of her fellow deckhands, Chandler Brooks and Caroline Bedol enjoyed some flirting, and Ashton Pienaar found romance on the water and on land.

If you missed the Season 6 reunion, you can catch it online at .

Below Deck Med returns later this year on Bravo.


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