Bella Thorne’s New Soap ‘Famous In Love’ Is Like “’Entourage’ For Women!”

Bella Thorne’s New Soap ‘Famous In Love’ Is Like “’Entourage’ For Women!”

There is a new soap called Famous in Love that is set to take Hollywood by storm!

The drama is going to have 10 episodes and is based on Rebecca Serle's novel of the same name.

The main character, Paige Townsen played by Bella Thorne manages to get her dream role after auditioning for a Hollywood movie.

Of course, after finally entering the life she’s always dreamed of she realizes it’s not as amazing as she thought.

"We get to see the glamorous side of Hollywood, and the show is very glamorous. But then we get to see what goes on behind the scenes," executive producer Marlene King stated.

"There's great romance, great friendship, epic drama, lots of twists and turns, and surprises."

Other people involved in the production have assured us that we can look forward to a lot of romance and various love shapes – not only triangles but also squares!

"In some ways, it's Entourage for women. It's time for the ladies to see some action in Hollywood," King stated.

Bella Thorne revealed that when she usually picks her roles they are similar to her personality in a way but this time Paige is completely different and she had a lot to learn from her character.

The character seems to be more free thinking and a bit immature considering that Thorne said the younger her would have related to Paige more, even though the character is older.

Bella has already gone through the tribulations of Hollywood, but her character is yet to uncover that world. It sounds like a super fun show!

Famous in Love premieres today at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform. Are you going to watch it?


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