Bella Thorne’s New Man Benjamin Mascolo Has Been Her Rock Amid Photo Scandal And Ex Tana Mongeau’s Engagement

Bella Thorne’s New Man Benjamin Mascolo Has Been Her Rock Amid Photo Scandal And Ex Tana Mongeau’s Engagement
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Bella Thorne's new man, Benjamin Mascolo has been her rock over the past month as she endured blackmail, leaked photos and her ex-girlfriend's engagment.

The actress is still reeling from being blackmailed for naked photos that were stolen from her. Instead of giving in to the demands of the hateful person, Thorne leaked the nude photos first. It was a difficult choice but one that gave her control.

Although fans were supportive of the Famous In Love beauty's decision, no one is prouder of Thorne than her new boyfriend, Mascolo. Hollywood Life is reporting the 26-year-old Italian singer is in awe of how his girlfriend handled the entire blackmail incident.

"Ben has really been supporting Bella since the nude photo controversy and has been right by her side. He was really proud of her for standing up for herself and for women's rights in general," shared the unnamed source.

On June 13th, the actress used Instagram to reveal the blackmail, including texts from the stranger. Thorne was crystal clear she made the bold choice to go public and post the nude photos to empower herself.

Instead of living under the threat of when a random person would expose the pictures, she did it herself. It was a move Mascolo celebrates.

"Ben thought the whole situation was entirely disrespectful and was disgusted that someone would invade her privacy like that. The whole ordeal has only made them closer, and Bella knows that she can trust Ben no matter what happens. Bella is really happy that they were able to move past that and simply focus on growing their bond closer," the insider also revealed.

Along with sticking by Thorne through the photo ordeal, Mascolo has also been there as she deals with her ex getting engaged. Last month Thorne's former girlfriend, Tana Mongeau announced her engagement to YouTube star Jake Paul. The couple recently shared they plan to wed on July 28th.

Mascolo was there as Thorne processed her ex-girlfriend getting married. He was also by her side as suffered backlash from Mongeau and Paul after she expressed sadness over their engagement too.

Bella Thorne has only been dating Benjamin Mascolo for a little over a month, but it has been one difficult month for the actress. He has proven right out of the gate he can be trusted, and that his feelings for her are real.

Now with the drama behind them, Thorne is ready to move forward and focus on her new burgeoning romance.

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