Bella Thorne Won The Vision Award From Pornhub For Her New Film Venture

Bella Thorne Won The Vision Award From Pornhub For Her New Film Venture
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Every day, Bella Thorne strays further away from her cookie-cutter Disney Channel image and steps into being her authentic self. In the latest news surrounding the former Shake It Up star, Bella has won a Pornhub award -- but it's not what you think.

Thorne is now into directing. She made her directorial debut with a film titled Her and Him that follows two star-crossed lovers on an X-rated journey.

It was shown at The Odenburg Film Festival in Germany in September and received good reviews. Now, the actress can add another accolade to her accomplishments because she just won the Pornhub Vision Award.

When she accepted her win for the unique nomination, she explained that the film was just the beginning. Bella is working with the adult website to enhance safety and other improvements to Pornhub.

This was quite the experience for the 22-year-old who months ago opened up about how different it was being in the director's chair for such a special project.

'I didn’t wanna just do a sex scene that felt kind of like we’re copping out, in a sense. Like, ‘Oh we can’t show this and we can’t show that, so we’re just gonna like do a little fun thing with the camera.’ That’s like not the style I really love. I really love the movie ‘Love,’ so that was one of my references for when I shot it. I like that style of just being really realistic.'

Since the short film explored hardcore things like BDSM, there wasn't a better platform to put it on.

Bella shared some photos from the event alongside a caption that read: 'I’m so excited to announce I am working with Pornhub to implement a change in their flagging system algorithm to ensure safety for everyone and everyone in our community. ❤️❤️❤️I am so grateful and honored to receive this award and be recognized for literally just doing what i love... creating beautiful visions of art.'

It will be interesting to see what Thorne does next.

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